The Beauty of Being Wretched

Growing up I had no contact with cancer. My first exposure to its grim realities was a movie in the early 80s. John Hurt played the role of a man who was often reduced to vomiting in his sink. It shook me up and I always felt deep sympathy for anyone diagnosed. Over the decades […]

Fighting Cancer and Talking About It

Putting your feelings about life, cancer treatment and the dreadfully taboo topic of death out on the Web is awkward. Revealing your emotions for all to see feels like being naked in the town square during the mid-day rush. I didn’t ask for cancer and I’d happily have skipped the treatment. In fact, I often joke that cancer has […]

The Lose Lose Proposition – Fighting Cancer and its Reality

I hesitated for ages before I could put anything at all down about my experiences with the Big C. I was diagnosed around two years ago. I have a nasty version – Stage IV tongue cancer. The survival stats are not comforting reading. The tongue and throat are really grim places to have things go […]

Seems Bad News Really May Come in Threes

I’m not a superstitious person. I have never given much credence to the old adage that bad news travels as a trio. However, that is just what happened last week. In the space of four days I heard that three people I know had been diagnosed with cancer. Wow. The first news was sobering. The […]

Me and My Mate Michael

Michael Douglas doesn’t know I exist. I’m sure he never will, but fate has joined us together in an odd way: Not only are we roughly the same age, but we were both diagnosed with the same cancer within a couple of days of each other. The Michael Douglas cancer diagnosis was big news. I have […]

Recovering Taste After Radiation

I felt wrecked for awhile, but I’m starting to finally feel well again. Recovering taste after radiation treatment has been such a struggle – both emotionally and physically. It is hard to get enough nutrition when you despise eating because your food tastes foul. Things do improve though and I want to shout it from […]

A Memorable Death

Marvin is 55 years old and he has a brain tumour. He is getting physically weaker by the day and is now having difficulty in breathing. However, he is still mentally very alert. Although Marvin knows that death is imminent, he does not seem to fear death, at least not outwardly. As he is not […]