Blog Discoveries – Cancer and Sex


This week I've been wandering through the web looking at cancer stories. I read plenty of other things too. I am not a cancer junkie. In fact, I'm in the midst of The Last Lion which is a brilliant biography of Churchill in the war years. Here … [Read more...]

Wait Three Months and Things will be Better

wait three months

There is no doubt life can batter you. However, those blows are transitory. Dan Gilbert's research shows that we recover from most things after about three months. Don't take my words for it, have a listen to Gilbert, a Harvard professor, who studies … [Read more...]

The Loss of Wisdom is Such a Waste


A great conversation starter is: "What three people from history would you most like to have dinner with?" It sets minds racing on who was the most brilliant thinker, explorer, adventurer, leader, artist, singer, ruler or politician.  It is hard … [Read more...]

The Diddy-Di-Diddy Club’s Daily Gatherings


A close friend's dad is quite a character. Once an Olympic athlete he still jogs daily despite being well into his 80s. He knows he is pushing himself and his heart's endurance. Still, he enjoys running and faces those risks each day when he heads … [Read more...]

Fighting Cancer and Talking About It


Putting your feelings about life, cancer treatment and the dreadfully taboo topic of death out on the Web is awkward. Revealing your emotions for all to see feels like being naked in the town square during the mid-day rush. I didn't ask for cancer … [Read more...]

Being There for Each Other in Relationships


Around seven years ago my wife and I were out dancing and we met a woman who was an enthusiastic dancer. It is a special thing to see that spark in someone else. The ability to move to music and to let go and enjoy that movement is all too … [Read more...]

Synthetic Happiness – Win Millions or Lose a Leg?


In this video, Harvard Professor Dan Gilbert explains synthetic happiness. This odd-sounding concept is about the happiness we manufacture when we don't get what we want from life. Given the way 'crap happens', that is a darn handy thing to know. … [Read more...]

Old Soldiers Just Fade Away – Death of a Friend


A few months ago I was saddened by the death of a friend. I deeply admired him. He was one of the kindest men I’d ever met. We were neighbours for 12 years and grew close over that time. He’d drop over for a beer or a cup of tea or we’d have dinner … [Read more...]

Science of Happiness – Skip the Drugs, Give Me Happy Juice


Happiness is a state of mind. A way of life and, yes, perhaps even a choice we make. Happiness is not about what we own or who we are. Could it be true that we actually choose whether to be happy in life? Can we choose whether to be lonely and … [Read more...]

The Right to Die is Our Most Fundamental Right


There is a certain insanity that prevails when it comes to the right to die. Perhaps it is partly religious; it seems deeper though as the denial of this right prevails in countries with varied religious majorities. Maybe we are all just fearful … [Read more...]