Loss of Taste

Loss of taste is a horrible experience. It is so hard to explain or to even imagine. You can cover your eyes and imagine a loss of sight, block your ears or nose or wear gloves to experience the loss of your other senses. There is though, no easy way to grasp what it is like […]

How to Know if Cancer Treatment is Working?

This is the question I get asked the most: “So Doc, how do I know that this is working?” Sometimes my patients come to me with visible or palpable disease—something on the skin that they can see fading away, an enlarged lymph node in the neck that shrinks visibly during cancer treatment, a lump or […]

Recovering Taste After Radiation

I felt wrecked for awhile, but I’m starting to finally feel well again. Recovering taste after radiation treatment has been such a struggle – both emotionally and physically. It is hard to get enough nutrition when you despise eating because your food tastes foul. Things do improve though and I want to shout it from […]

Sure-Fire Easy Cures for Cancer – Yeah sure!

If you are seeking a miracle cure, then stop reading this drivel before you waste any further time. I have no cures. I am not the Messiah. I have, at numerous stages of my life, just been a very naughty boy. I mean no disrespect in writing this. Particularly, don’t be angry if you were […]