Artificial Happiness and the Power of No Choice

We have a tendency to overestimate the impact that events will have in our life. Ask anyone whether they would be happier winning millions or losing a leg and you get the expected answer. Yet, Dan Gilbert’s research shows the peaks and troughs of both happiness and sadness flatten out after around three months. If we win millions, a […]

Wait Three Months and Things will be Better

There is no doubt life can batter you. However, those blows are transitory. Dan Gilbert’s research shows that we recover from most things after about three months. Don’t take my words for it, have a listen to Gilbert, a Harvard professor, who studies the science of happiness. He explains it so much better. No matter […]

The Diddy-Di-Diddy Club’s Daily Gatherings

A close friend’s dad is quite a character. Once an Olympic athlete he still jogs daily despite being well into his 80s. He knows he is pushing himself and his heart’s endurance. Still, he enjoys running and faces those risks each day when he heads out. He inserts into his sock a card that has […]

Synthetic Happiness – Win Millions or Lose a Leg?

In this video, Harvard Professor Dan Gilbert explains synthetic happiness. This odd-sounding concept is about the happiness we manufacture when we don’t get what we want from life. Given the way ‘crap happens’, that is a darn handy thing to know. So, please take a moment to wrap your thinking gear around this concept. Synthetic […]

Science of Happiness – Skip the Drugs, Give Me Happy Juice

Happiness is a state of mind. A way of life and, yes, perhaps even a choice we make. Happiness is not about what we own or who we are. Could it be true that we actually choose whether to be happy in life? Can we choose whether to be lonely and miserable or to feel connected, […]

The Fallacy of Consumerism – Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Happiness knows no boundaries, social class, location or career. Yet, the lure of consumerism still holds us in its hypnotic sway. We all know that things don’t make us happy, but how deeply do we understand that reality? Science increasingly proves what most of us already knew – that happiness is a state of mind […]