The Death of an Unlucky Impala

The idea of death is certainly unsettling, but it is a reality for every being. Great or small, we will all meet that fate one day. There is arrogance in humanity and I regret it. I’m as guilty as anyone else. The old truism in news reporting is that a death in my neighbourhood is […]

I Love My Body

I am learning to love my body. I am increasingly in awe of it. This is not a confession of  a narcissistic tendency to admiringly gaze into a pond or mirror. It is not about shallow feelings or ego. Quite the opposite, I am talking about a profound appreciation for the  mass of atoms that […]

Celebrating Survival Day

Yesterday was a traditional day of celebration as it was my birthday. But in my eyes the importance of my birthday has now been superseded by today’s anniversary. Three years ago today, the day after my birthday, I was diagnosed with cancer. While my birthday measures the days since I came into this world, I […]

Fighting Cancer and Talking About It

Putting your feelings about life, cancer treatment and the dreadfully taboo topic of death out on the Web is awkward. Revealing your emotions for all to see feels like being naked in the town square during the mid-day rush. I didn’t ask for cancer and I’d happily have skipped the treatment. In fact, I often joke that cancer has […]

Being There for Each Other in Relationships

Around seven years ago my wife and I were out dancing and we met a woman who was an enthusiastic dancer. It is a special thing to see that spark in someone else. The ability to move to music and to let go and enjoy that movement is all too rare. Some people are great […]

Old Soldiers Just Fade Away – Death of a Friend

A few months ago I was saddened by the death of a friend. I deeply admired him. He was one of the kindest men I’d ever met. We were neighbours for 12 years and grew close over that time. He’d drop over for a beer or a cup of tea or we’d have dinner at each […]

The Right to Die is Our Most Fundamental Right

There is a certain insanity that prevails when it comes to the right to die. Perhaps it is partly religious; it seems deeper though as the denial of this right prevails in countries with varied religious majorities. Maybe we are all just fearful of getting too close to the terribly taboo topic of death. I’m […]

Seems Bad News Really May Come in Threes

I’m not a superstitious person. I have never given much credence to the old adage that bad news travels as a trio. However, that is just what happened last week. In the space of four days I heard that three people I know had been diagnosed with cancer. Wow. The first news was sobering. The […]

A Memorable Death

Marvin is 55 years old and he has a brain tumour. He is getting physically weaker by the day and is now having difficulty in breathing. However, he is still mentally very alert. Although Marvin knows that death is imminent, he does not seem to fear death, at least not outwardly. As he is not […]