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American Caesar
By William Manchester
Rating: Gold

Few lives have been writ larger in human history than the life of Douglas MacArthur.
While legions of critics denounced him, there were times when MacArthur was one of the most popular people in America. He had a tendency towards theatrics and was suspected of majestic aspirations. Some hated him for his haughty ways. But, as one soldier wryly stated, “Would you want to go into battle following a general with an inferiority complex?”

He deserved the confidence of his men. His brilliant strategic manoeuvres saved many thousands of lives. He disagreed with the battle tactics of his contemporaries. He considered a head-on attack on an enemy strong point to be a tragic waste of life. The casualty figures support him. He lost far fewer men in the entire Pacific theatre, fighting from Australia to Tokyo, than were lost in one single European battle during the Battle of the Bulge.  [Read more…]

Other Highly Recommended Books

1-DSC_27161 OPTCivilisation
By Niall Ferguson
Rating: Gold  

This book could significantly change your thinking. Few books dare tackle the big questions in life. Even fewer contain enough understanding to alter your perceptions.

Ferguson dares to answer some of the great questions of our age. He delivers a well-argued skeletal structure of the civilisations and philosophies as well as the political, military, economic and scientific events that created our modern world.

He ponders why Europe’s disease and crime-ridden cities assumed global dominance and what could cause the collapse of the West’s military and economic supremacy.  [Read more…]

773-300x224 OPT

Bomb, Book and Compass
By Simon Winchester
Rating: Silver

Understanding the depth of China’s history seems particularly important as we enter the Asian Century. Winchester, in his entertaining style, takes us on a discovery of  Chinese scientific progress through the ages.

The book has an alternative title, The Man who Loved China. It is apt as the book details  the devotion of Joseph Needham, one of England’s most brilliant academics, to studying the broad expanse of China’s scientific history. Needham was a polygamist, nudist, committed socialist, brilliant scientist, sinophile and morris dancer.  [Read more…]

Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis
By James Rickards
Rating: Gold

The Pentagon conducted its first war game where the battlefield was the global financial markets. Gold, currencies, stocks and bonds were the only weapons deployed.

The author was selected to advise on strategic planning and to select Wall Street experts to join the war game teams. Clearly, US Strategic Command consider Rickards to be a world expert in the strategy of currency wars and this book proves his credentials.  [Read more…]

Neptune’s Inferno: The US at Guadalcanal
By James D. Hornfischer
Rating: Silver  
We are taken step by step, in staggering detail, through the grim struggles for the now legendary South Pacific island of Guadalcanal.

The Marines barely held on to victory in this first major land battle after Pearl Harbour. Less well known is the price the US Navy in the campaign  Few realise that naval casualties were three times higher than the losses of the Marines and Army.  [Read more…]

Salt: A World History
By Mark Kurlansky
Rating: Gold

Salt had the economic significance of oil for most of human history. The history of salt is a fascinating insight into war, revolution and the collapse of empires.

Nations now build their oil reserves before a war. For millennia they had to build their salt reserves so sufficient food could be preserved for the forces being sent into battle.  [Read more…]

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