The Diddy-Di-Diddy Club’s Daily Gatherings

old age jokesA close friend’s dad is quite a character. Once an Olympic athlete he still jogs daily despite being well into his 80s. He knows he is pushing himself and his heart’s endurance. Still, he enjoys running and faces those risks each day when he heads out.

He inserts into his sock a card that has his name, address and phone number written on it. Just in case something should happen and he doesn’t make it back home. The ambulance, hospital or police can call his wife.

Another daily routine is to catch up with his mates the other members of the Diddy-Di-Diddy Club.

Over a coffee and a chat they peruse the obituary column or one of them may recount the latest news of a friend who has passed away. Just a fact of life in your 80s I guess as Old Age is Not for Sissies.

Their club gained it’s name from the regular response to such news: “Did he die did he?”

Photo by Mark Toohey

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