The Death of an Unlucky Impala


The idea of death is certainly unsettling, but it is a reality for every being. Great or small, we will all meet that fate one day. There is arrogance in humanity and I regret it. I’m as guilty as anyone else. The old truism in news reporting is that a death in my neighbourhood is more compelling news than a number of deaths in a nearby city or many deaths in another continent. We are wired to feel a greater impact if the tragedy befalls someone in our family, community, nation or race than … [Read more...]

Loss of Taste

Loss of taste is a horrible experience. It is so hard to explain or to even imagine. You can cover your eyes and imagine a loss of sight, block your ears or nose or wear gloves to experience the loss of your other senses. There is though, no easy way to grasp what it is like to lose your taste. I have written before about how I have Recovered Taste After Radiation. It was not easy to regain my sense of taste after radiation have wreaked havoc with my throat and mouth. My tongue seemed like a … [Read more...]

I Love My Body


I am learning to love my body. I am increasingly in awe of it. This is not a confession of  a narcissistic tendency to admiringly gaze into a pond or mirror. It is not about shallow feelings or ego. Quite the opposite, I am talking about a … [Read more...]

Celebrating Survival Day

Road Art

Yesterday was a traditional day of celebration as it was my birthday. But in my eyes the importance of my birthday has now been superseded by today's anniversary. Three years ago today, the day after my birthday, I was diagnosed with … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Being Wretched

beauty of being wretched

Growing up I had no contact with cancer. My first exposure to its grim realities was a movie in the early 80s. John Hurt played the role of a man who was often reduced to vomiting in his sink. It shook me up and I always felt deep sympathy for anyone … [Read more...]

Today I Tasted Eggs – Recovering Taste After Chemo


Now this may not be a headline that will stop the nation. Few people can even begin to understand the importance of recovering taste. I know it is a incredibly insignificant event of zero consequence for everyone - but me. For me though, this was … [Read more...]

Lance Armstrong – You Really Let Us Down

Broken bike

I’m not into cycling and I was never too into Lance Armstrong’s book. I read a couple of chapters though and heavily identified with his chemo experiences. It was oddly comforting to read in print what I’d experienced. There is no doubt the book … [Read more...]

Blog Discoveries 2 – Living With Cancer


I'm continually impressed by the array of interesting material that is out there. This is a short collection of some of the things I found worth reading lately in blogs that talk about life and cancer. Here's what they say not just about living … [Read more...]

Artificial Happiness and the Power of No Choice

artifical happiness

We have a tendency to overestimate the impact that events will have in our life. Ask anyone whether they would be happier winning millions or losing a leg and you get the expected answer. Yet, Dan Gilbert's research shows the peaks and troughs of … [Read more...]

How to Know if Cancer Treatment is Working?

cancer treatment

This is the question I get asked the most: “So Doc, how do I know that this is working?” Sometimes my patients come to me with visible or palpable disease—something on the skin that they can see fading away, an enlarged lymph node in the neck that … [Read more...]